AJ FILMS client-centric, all-embracing approach to production service delivery ensures we always work to the brief and look for ways to make the most of your budget.

Results orientated collaboration

Collaborating with our family of like-minded production team members in New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands, AJ FILMS, works to ensure your stills, television commercial advertising and brand content shoot receives world-class treatment.

Brief focussed

Understanding what you want to achieve is key. We listen and then work to fulfil the brief. Our service offer includes connecting you with experienced technicians and HoDs and camera movement specialists, coordinating casting, talent, wardrobe, props and special effects, sourcing the latest gear, coordinating catering, work visas and travel logistics, stand-in vehicles and prop cars.

Budget conscious

Everyone has a budget. At AJ FILMS we marry the need to budget cost effectively with creative solutions. We deliver a flexible package to suit the scope of the job and keep costs transparent through initial ballpark estimates, comprehensive budgets, accounting reports and cost breakdowns while accommodating client requirements.

Having to realise plenty of shots, multiple productions with tight deadlines, plus unexpected weather complications, is always the biggest challenge. Amanda and her teams searched for great location options and production solutions, kept smiles on the faces of crew, and were great production support.
Heiko Kircher  |  BMW CoC Artwork Classic  |  Munich, Germany

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