Trusted to deliver by the worlds' best creatives

Offering line production and production support in New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands, backed by 20 years of experience and incredible locations.

It is hard to come across someone who exudes reliable professionalism as Amanda Jenkins. Her ability to problem solve and juggle multiple objectives have made our projects just work. Working with Amanda is like working with a well-oiled machine and always a great pleasure to work with her.
Younju Kim  |  Global Marketing Descente  |  Seoul, Korea

We love our work

As collaborators and problem solvers, we make things happen. We have helped create successful shoots and award-winning campaigns, all in our backyard playground. We know who, where and how to get the best from our crews and locations.

Diverse, heroic and glorious locations

While we can’t claim credit for the locations, we can for finding the very best to backdrop your story. Between New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands, we can portray anywhere in the world.

A leading production team

AJ FILMS is proud to collaborate with a trusted family of experienced production team members based in Auckland, Christchurch, Queenstown, Melbourne, Sydney and Fiji. As a tight-knit team we have been working together for the last decade, successfully producing a wide range of stills, television commercial advertising and brand content.


Taking a hands-on approach, we work with some of the best agencies, producers, directors, photographers and production houses in the world to deliver projects that fit the brief and the budget.

High integrity, flexible packages

Regardless of the brief or budget, AJ FILMS is committed to providing comprehensive production services and outstanding results every time. We pay attention, ensuring that the services we provide meet or exceed expectations.

Talented resourceful crew

Our crew in New Zealand and Australia are reknowned for their experience, hardworking and versatile edge, in particular their focus on using evolving world class equipment and technology.  

Connected professionals, expert problem solvers, fabulous crews and locations.