AJ FILMS offers full production service for Photo & Film projects. Finding Diverse LOCATIONS in Close Proximity, using World Class CREWS & the RIGHT TEAM for your project. BUDGETING for creative SOLUTIONS to your requirements in NEW ZEALAND, AUSTRALIA & the SOUTH PACIFIC. We have been SHOOTING GREAT IMAGES since 2001.

American Express International

New Zealand & Austalia

Agency: Oglivy & Mather

Art Director: Damian Eley
Photographer: Christan Schmidt
Prod Co: Related Production

Another fun production shooting in New Zealand and Australia
involving butterflies, thermal hot springs, cosmopolitan Sydney
locations and high speed race car driving for AMEX.

Volkswagen CarNet Security and Service
- 5 days

New Zealand

Agency: DDB Hamburg

Art Director: Andreas Kant
Photographer: Manu Agah

Shooting in Auckland is always a pleasure, high end
architecture, great locations
and models what more could you ask for!

BMW X1 - 24 days

Sydney Australia

Agency: Service Plan Content Hamburg

Creative Director: Falk Schaar
Art Director: Lennard Niemann
Photographer : Thomas Strogalski

"BMW X1 international launch campaign 2015 was a tough cookie:69 cars and lifestyle motifs in 24 days, with a top secret prototype car and we didn't get caught!!! Special thanks to our
professional, cool minded production partner AJ Films who took us through the storm. looking forward to working together anytime soon..." Thomas Strogalski

David Jones - 12 days

New Zealand

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi

Creative Director:
Andrew Henderson
Photographer : Hugh Stewart

An Amazing shoot with David Jones Winter Fashion Campaign featuring Miranda Kerr shot in beautiful Queenstown with diverse locations in close proximity were the success of this shoot.

Marie Claire - 6 days

South Island New Zealand

Magazine Editorials

Photographer : Hugh Stewart

Lots of fun shooting in and around Mt Cook was a real pleasure working. Hugh Stewart.
Epic inspiring locations and a great crew!

Nespresso Magazine and City Guide

Sydney Australia

Nespresso Editor:
Sandrine Giacobetti

Art Director : Xavier Boure
Photographer: Jean-Claude Amiel - cityguide
Petrina Tinsley - editorial

Summer fun with great talent. A Fast turnaround multiple location based editorial shoot for Nespresso in Sydney

BMW Magazine 7 Series - 8 days

Tasmania Australia

BMW Magazine

Editor : Sandrine Gaicobett
Agency: Ringzwei
Art Director:
Dirk Linke
Photographer : Uwe Duettmann

Top Secret, Amazing location, Great team = Success!

Decathlon Ete' Catalogue - 7 days

North Island, New Zealand

Agency : Euro RSCG Paris

Photographer : Peter De Mulder
Prod Co : Eyesee France

Multiple locations, challenging logistics, great casting, smooth
running production

Marco Polo Mercedes

New Zealand

Agency : Panama Stuttgart

Creative Director : Boris Aue
Art Director : Marcella Popovic
Photographer : Markus Wendler

A shoot that spanned the North and South Island involved a tremendous amount of driving in a short amount of days, waterfalls, mountains and fiords, dessert outcrops and one of our most favourite locations in New Zealand - paradise

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